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Společnost MABO Solutions s.r.o nabízí propojení vlastní chytré aplikace s nejnovější bezdrátovou technologií lokalizace. Díky našemu řešení získáte perfect overview.

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Tracking device
of different types for for multiple uses.

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Modern wireless replacement of common antennas for greater range and accuracy.

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All data is stored on a server or cloud.

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Administration through a managerial version of the application that provides a complete overview of production.

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Thousands of devices communicating with each other in one secure closed network.

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Tablet control and intuitive smart application with business map.

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Thanks to unique technology WIREPAS MESH  all of tracking devices are independenton each other, yet they’re communicating together communicating together intelligent secured web for for real-time monitoring of inventory, materials or people..

Unique hardware technology of company ELA Innovation which we used, is unique in its durability, low energetic requirements and its long service lifethat is adapted to an environment of industrial production.

Benefits of our solution

15 years service life of battery


Quick installation

Very cost-effective

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Get an innovative solution offering connection of smart application with latest wireless localization technology.